Mission and values

In this interview, mobilverde’s managing director Dr Jürgen Kostka answers questions on the company’s mission and values.

Mr. Kostka, what does mobilverde stand for?

J Kostka: “As a technology company, we support our customers with integrated solutions, from conception right up to the delivery of finished products at their global production sites. Based on our many years’ experience in the automotive, aviation and industrial sectors, the company was founded in 2010 with the objective of supplying our customers with innovative, cost-efficient and high quality products. Today we are an international team that supplies global and medium-sized businesses plus corporations worldwide.”

mobilverde draws upon a comprehensive transnational cooperation network. What is the objective you are pursuing on the international market?

J Kostka: “Together with our customers and production partners, we want to make a decisive contribution to worldwide supply in the automotive, aviation, industrial and special OEM sectors, namely with innovative, cost-efficient and high quality products. We achieve that thanks to a network of experienced, reliable production partners, plus our expertise in the optimal organisation of even the most complex supply chains.”

How does mobilverde achieve this objective?

J Kostka: “On the one hand, we have precise knowledge of international markets in the above-mentioned sectors. This means we are as well-attuned as possible to our customers’ needs, and that we can therefore satisfy their expectations. And on the other, we have the relevant technical knowhow. We are therefore positioned to support our customers from conception to delivery of the finished product. A further decisive factor lies in the personal consultations and our availability for our partners. We are there when we are needed.”

An efficient manufacturer network is an elementary component of the upstream market. What benefits arise as a result?

J Kostka: “We are in a position to offer our customers competitive terms on high quality products. The fact we have been operating in worldwide procurement markets for many years, and that we therefore also have knowledge of the right partners and the market processes are a reason for this. But the excellent relationships with our production partners, built up over the course of many years, and which have developed into trusting partnerships, are an even more important basis.”

In procurement, the automotive, aviation and industrial sectors present the greatest quality demands. What measures does mobilverde take in order to fulfil these requirements?

J Kostka: “It’s true that these sectors place great demands on supplier networks. And they are correct to do so. We accommodate this requirement for the highest quality, and have made it the basis for our actions. In practice, this means that we are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our production partners also have the quality certifications that are essential in their sectors, such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001, AS 9100, NADCAP or ISO 14001, which guarantee the highest quality in respect of production processes and products. Furthermore, close contact plus regular audits at our production partners’ premises ensure that they always work to the same high quality standards.”

The sectors mentioned not only make great demands of the products, but also of the suppliers themselves. How does mobilverde understand being able to offer customers in a demanding international market the correct solutions?

J Kostka: “As well as our objective of providing high quality services, we also have a multinational team that combines many years’ experience in the worldwide procurement markets with commercial knowhow and technical expertise. This ensures we are well versed in dealing with technically complex products and smoothly integrating them into production chains.”

Corporate social responsibility is an important subject. How does mobilverde combine economic efficiency with responsible behaviour?

J Kostka: “We think in the long term and strive for long-lasting relationships that are beneficial for all involved. This corresponds with our self-image. This also means that we are socially engaged and promote charitable organisations. We therefore regularly award orders to the charitable organisation Lebenshilfe. Here, people with disabilities undertake assembly and packing work for us. We also support the work of Rotary International, and plan to support targeted projects in the countries where we are commercially active. This ensures that we not only benefit from each other commercially, but also – even if only on a small scale – make a contribution to international understanding.”

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