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mobilverde stands for innovative industrial solutions, cost-efficient and high-quality products for almost all industries. Starting with the automotive and aviation industry, through machine and plant engineering to electronics or microtechnology.

With hybrid technology, inserts (metal contacts, cables, sieves, connectors, leadframes or other inserts) are inserted into the tool either by hand or automatically. Various plastic injection molding processes are used in order to produce a high-quality, sophisticated, high-performance, long-lasting end product with excellent weight-specific properties and a good price / performance ratio from the polymer that is optimal for the respective application:

  • INSERT plastic injection molding technology
  • OUTSERT plastic injection molding technology
  • OVERMOLDING- plastic injection molding technology

While metals and plastics are often in a competitive situation in traditional construction practice, the plastic-metal hybrid technology combines the advantages of both materials with the associated processing and processing technology. Laminated core constructions that can be manufactured efficiently are stabilized as a supporting component by the injection of plastic areas, insulated and additionally expanded with further functional elements. Hybrid structures, through synergy effects, enable a better lightweight construction potential than each material would allow on its own:

Joining plastic and metal together is standard in many industrial applications today. Modern hybrid technology combines the advantages of metals and plastics. Metal inserts, connectors and leadframes are predominantly used here and are usually completely overmolded with plastic. This creates a stable connection between metal and plastic. A subsequent assembly step can thus be saved.

Plastic-metal connections are preferred if the components have to withstand high loads and at the same time weight reduction or smoothness are required. The main advantages of hybrid composites are the cost and weight savings in the individual components.

Plastic-metal hybrid components offer significant cost and weight advantages compared to pure metal constructions of the same strength. These advantages turn out to be greater, the higher the degree of integration of additional functions in the hybrid component.

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