Post also wants to manufacture Streetscooter in 2021

At the end of February 2020, Deutsche Post had declared the end of the Streetscooter. This was the reason for this step Companies with “current global economic uncertainties” at the time. Now there is a delay for the production sites in Aachen and Düren and the approximately 300 remaining employees.

Production should be phased out more slowly

On November 11, 2020, Deutsche Post announced that it would phase out production more slowly than originally planned. The now announced extension of production should extend into the coming year. Deutsche Post, as the owner of the e-delivery car, established this step on the one hand with existing, long-term supplier contracts.

The lack of alternatives to the street scooter is the other reason, according to the Post. The group, which announced in March that it would make its entire logistics climate-neutral by 2050, does not currently see a successor for the street scooter in sight.

Little hope of a comeback

Although the production of the street scooter is to be continued in 2021, there is little hope for the former, electric hope of Deutsche Post: The group no longer accepts orders for the electricity-powered van and only produces for its own use.

Missing orders had also led to the original Streetscooter-Aus. UPS among others decided against the Stromer from the border triangle. Deutsche Post acquired the street scooter production company in 2014 and built a plant in Düren. In 2018, the postal subsidiary posted a loss of 70 million euros, in 2019 it was already 100 million

Image source: Deutsche Post DHL Group


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